The first caravan for e-Mobility.


The exterior at a glance

Optimised for e‐Mobility

Smaller, lighter, more efficient: the completely redesigned, narrow body reduces the front area by 14% compared to conventional caravans. This creates significantly less wind resistance and vital range benefits for electric vehicles.

Flexible parking, flexible charging

Be it self‐sufficiently via an electric towing vehicle or traditionally at the campsite, the YASEO can be supplied with power in two ways: either from the grid or your electric vehicle’s V2L connection. You decide which of these you prefer, depending on the situation.

Looks really great

Extremely eye‐catching! The car‐derived front‐end not only improves the aerodynamics, but also lends the YASEO an extremely distinctive, dynamic look, by means of blue decorative details.

Well-designed, down to the last millimetre

Safety and design go hand in hand: the revised CatEye tail lights with full‐LED technology boast a dynamic light signature and dynamic indicators.

As self-sufficient as a motorhome.

Perfectly connected for maximum freedom

Teamwork for e-Mobility in the caravanning world: the combination of YASEO and electric towing vehicle redefines freedom and self-sufficiency!

Full E.POWER for every device

Not just self‐sufficient, but also convenient: towing vehicles featuring Vehicle‐2‐Load technology (V2L) can supply the YASEO with power. The intelligent E.POWER current control can be adjusted to the available output. This ensures that you can use all your electrical equipment – from air conditioning to refrigerator – without an external power source.

Plug and Play!

Bring together what belongs together! The YASEO is supplied with power by connecting the towing vehicle’s V2L charger. Thanks to intelligent E.POWER technology, this could not be easier: simply plug the charging cable into both the towing vehicle and the YASEO and you have the perfect connection for even more freedom!

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